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Located in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD, [spasie] is the city’s first (and only) underground restaurant and private event space bringing top South African chefs and rising stars into our kitchens for two nights each week to create culinary magic. What do we do the other 5 nights? Read on, friend.


By far one of our favourite meals of the week is Sunday Brunch. Executive chef Nicolas Charalambous and team have whipped up a traditional New York style Sunday Brunch just steps from the CBD in Bo-Kaap filled with fresh, local and responsibly farmed ingredients and, of course, bottomless bubbles, our marvellous mimosas and unlimited access to our DIY Bloody Mary Bar featuring both bacon and cucumber infused Vodkas.

[spasie] is open for Brunch every Sunday from 11 am until 3 pm.  To make a booking, simply email us on hello@spasie.co or phone us on 021.422.1492.


Every Wednesday, we host an invite-only, underground speakeasy known as #PWW or Pocket Watch Wednesdays. We’ve got gourmet street food from the likes of The Chef’s Bench and Santa Anna’s, the naughtiest card game we know, Cards Against Humanity and a giant Twister Board.

How do you get in? Well, you need to score one of our signature Pocket Watches or know someone in the know, you know. Learn More

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Designed as a culinary playground for South Africa’s top chefs and young, rising stars, we open up our kitchen for two nights only each week and allow these industry leaders to step in and create magic. The result is your chance to feast on what some of this country’s top talent dreams of making outside their normal restaurant kitchens paired perfectly with some of the Western Cape’s top wine farms.

Our open plan kitchen and relaxed, underground ambience put you in direct contact with the chef as they serve as your culinary guide for the evening and then share a glass of wine with you over dessert. Learn More.

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From birthday dinners to bachelorette parties, corporate lunches to proposal dinners, [spasie] is the perfect place to host your private function. Our space is a blank canvas that transforms to our client’s needs and our experienced team of event directors is here to guide you.

[spasie] can accommodate around 60 guests for a seated dinner, 150 auditorium style for a guest speaker or movie screening and 120 comfortably for cocktails and canapés but the best thing to do is pop in and see for yourself over a cup of delicious HAAS coffee on the house.

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pocket watch wednesdays

pww spasie

It’s Wednesday night in Cape Town and you’re looking for something new, something different – maybe even something a bit adventurous.

Our signature Wednesday night vibe, #PWW might just be the thing you’ve been searching for.

#PWW is an invite-only, underground speakeasy where friends and friends of friends rock up for a little mid-week jol.

Envision gourmet street food by the likes of The Chef’s Bench, Santa Anna’s and a few other rockstars in the kitchens, some awesome tunes pumping through the sound system and a laid-back, casual vibe that makes you feel like [spasie] is your own private party.

Like any good house party, be warned, things can get a bit out of hand. We’ve imported the most ratchet, vile card game we’ve ever come across, Cards Against Humanity, for a bit of added spice. Not your vibe? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few other games or you can just chill with new and old friends.

Oh, and we should mention, we’ve painted a giant Twister board on the floor so you can skip that yoga class for the evening and get limber on the [spasie] floors.

Hump day is over and the weekend is in sight. We say why not kick back, relax and join us for a cold one and a bit of fun on your Wednesday night.

Remember, #PWW is an invitation-only, private party. How do you get in? To get past the bouncers, you’ll need to score one of our 10 signature Pocket Watches floating around the Mother City or you’ll have to know someone in the know.

Email us  and we’ll let you know where the last Pocket Watch sighting was and see what we can do to hook you up. Trust us, this is one night you don’t want to miss.


Chef’s Table

Brad Ball Spasie


Richard Bosman_Spasie

Stefan Spasie

Every Thursday and Friday, [spasie] turns our kitchen over to one of South Africa’s top chefs or young, rising stars for an absolutely incredible evening. Our guest chef steps in and creates a custom 4- or 5-course menu, complete with wine pairings, designed to surprise and delight your tastebuds. 

Our chefs have complete creative control and we know you won’t be disappointed. This unique, rare opportunity to step away from their daily routine enables our chefs to create something truly magical in our kitchens and you, our guests, are the lucky recipient of their work.  How do we know you won’t be disappointed? See our recent reviews.

With our open plan kitchen and relaxed, laid-back environment, our guests interact directly with the chef while they’re preparing your meal.  The access to these top South African chefs is unparalleled and our chefs are more than happy to chat with you, show you around the kitchen and even teach you a technique or two. 

There’s simply nothing like an evening at our Chef’s Table anywhere in the country, quite possibly the world.

Bookings for these exclusive evenings begin at R750/person and include your complete food and wine experience.  To make your booking, click here or give us a ring on 021.422.1492 and we’d be happy to assist you.


Our signature Chef’s Table is available every Thursday and Friday evening and runs for a minimum number of 12 guests. All bookings are subject to final confirmation and pre-payment is required to confirm your booking.

To find out who will the guest chef on a particular evening, sign up for our invitation list, email us, or phone us on 021.422.1492.

Here are a few more FAQ’s about Chef’s Table:

How is your Chef's Table experience priced?

Our Chef’s Table is an experience like no other. Guests often describe it as being on the set of MasterChef or being inside the chef’s private home and the reason is simple – it’s a magical, laid-back evening with an amazing chef. Pricing begins at R495/person for our 3-course set menu and R695/person for our 5-course set menu; an optional wine pairing is available at R165/person and R225/person, respectively.

If you’re looking for a slightly more casual experience, check out our underground speakeasy, Pocket Watch Wednesdays.

Is there an option to sit at the communal table with strangers or on our own private table?

Absolutely. We are happy to accommodate all special requests and seating arrangements discussed with us.  [spasie] offers one large communal table that seats around 16-20 guests.  You may request to be seated at the shared table or at a private or semi-private table throughout the restaurant.  That said, our communal table is the perfect spot to celebrate your birthday, host a bachelorette parties or just a catch up with friends.

And, while we can’t accommodate all seating requests, we will do our very best to honour your preference so just let us know when making your booking on 021.422.1492 or hello@spasie.co.

and your guest chefs?” open=”no”]

[spasie] underground is a creative platform for chefs — artists in their own right — to step into our kitchens and create a full culinary experience for our guests for 2 nights only.  We stand behind our chefs and are fully committed to you having an exceptional, outstanding experience.

If for any reason our experience doesn’t blow you away, simply get in touch with us on hello@spasie.co and we’ll do whatever we can to make it right.  

What happens if my dinner bookings gets cancelled or postponed?

We’re proud to say that in April 2016, we made the decision that we would never cancel or postpone a dining experience again.

Previously, our policy was that we required 10 or more guests in order to host our Chef’s Table evenings. Sadly, we recently experienced an evening where we had to postpone the booking of one guest and here’s what he had to say on TripAdvisor.

While it breaks our collective hearts to read the review, it spurred action among our management team and we vowed never to cancel another evening — regardless of if our guest chef is cooking for 2, 12 or 22 guests. Essentially, this means you might have an entire restaurant to yourself one evening but for us, it’s worth it.

To make your booking, click here or phone us on 021.422.1492.

Wondering why we would ever cancel an evening? Get the scoop.

To date, [spasie] has been fortunate enough to host some of South Africa’s top chefs and young rising stars such as Brad Ball, Bertus Basson, Steffen Olivier, Craig Cormack, Sue-Ann Allen, Lapo Magni, Veronica Canha-Hibbert, Dylan Laity, Nicholas Charambolous and more.

Every Thursday and Friday, [spasie] welcomes an incredible chef for your dining delight. To read some of the reviews of [spasie], we encourage you to visit TripAdvisor, EAT OUT, Zomato or just Google us.

To stay updated, the best thing to do is join our private mailing list for announcements regarding new and upcoming chefs and private event invitations here.

To make your booking, click here or phone us on 021.422.1492. Please note: space is extremely limited as this is an intimate, interactive experience with the chef. We advise you to book early.



The menu at [spasie] changes weekly as each guest chef delivers a custom-designed menu that showcases their skills and talents.

One thing, however, remains consistent – our commitment to using only the freshest, locally sourced and highest quality ingredients and our chefs stand behind this philosophy when stepping into our kitchens.

For our exclusive Chef’s Table, each chef designs a unique 4- or 5-course menu, complete with wine pairings, to tantalise your tastebuds and excite your culinary appetite. Our chefs always offer a vegetarian option and can cater for specific dietary restrictions and allergies with notice.  

Please note, however, we do not cater for preferences such as banting or low carb as this is a chef-led dining experience.  To give you an idea of what you can expect from [spasie], we’ve included a few of our chef’s previous menus below.

Should you have any questions or concerns, simply drop us a line here.  



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NB: Bookings are subject to confirmation by our team upon receipt of your deposit. Deposits are required to confirm your dining experience with us.

[spasie] is a chef-led dining experience. advance bookings are required.

To confirm your booking, we do require a 50% deposit for our Chef’s Table and Sunday Brunch. Pricing for our signature Chef’s Table starts at R495/person and R340/person for Sunday Brunch. For further information, please check the event description.

Chef’s Table  |  Underground Speakeasy PWW  |  Sunday Brunch   |  Tasting Tuesdays

At [spasie], each menu is custom designed by our guest chef and the ingredients sourced specifically for your booking. 

Bookings for our Chef’s Table evening close 24-48 hours prior and seating is limited to ensure the quality of the experience.


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